Garden lighting

Why not add a twinkle  to your patio and borders with some decorative solar lighting.......

It is the very latest thing in garden lighting to use solar power, harnessing the sun's energy and releasing it as a gentle, warm glow after dark to light pathways, water features, special plants and more. We've got standard stake lights, marker lights and even spot lights in decorative birds and animals for you to admire all day and all evening

Solar lighting isn't just environmentally friendly: it's easy to use, too. There's no wiring, and you don't need timers as they switch on automatically when the sun goes down, so you can just unwrap pop out in the garden, sit back and enjoy.

You'll find a good range of solar lighting in our garden centre, from spotlights to colour-changing LEDs, path lights and lanterns. Here's how to get the most from your display.

Place the solar panel in a sunny spot so it can charge fully during the daytime. It'll operate in overcast conditions, but you may find in winter there's rarely enough sunlight for a full charge.

Keep your solar panel clean by wiping it gently with a damp cloth. If you let your solar panel get dirty, it won’t be able to charge fully.

A full charge lasts for around six hours, and a single rechargeable battery lasts for around 600 charges – that's about two years – before it needs replacing.

Spotlight trees: you'll find many lovely architectural trees in our garden centre, beautiful enough to take centre stage: pick them out with an upward-pointing spotlight after dark and they'll leap from the shadows.

Pick out statues: works of art such as sculptures and statues come to life at night with lighting throwing them into sharp relief.