How to grow a Hyacinth bulb in a Glass vase

Growing hyacinths in water (sometimes called forcing hyacinths) is a beautiful way to bring a touch of colour and a gorgeous scent to your home. Growing the hyacinth bulbs in water can help your hyacinth blooms last for weeks. Hyacinth bulbs produce fragrant blooms, ranging in colour from light pinks to deep purples. Bulb vases, also known as hyacinth carafe or forcing jars, hold the hyacinth bulb above water while giving the roots access to the space and water they need to grow. We only stock prepared Hyacinth bulbs for indoor planting so there is no need to chill beforehand.

  • The glass jar should be filled with water to just under the bottom of the bulb. It is important that the water level is not high enough for the bulb to come into contact with it as this will rot your bulb, try to keep the water level approx 1/4inch (0.6cm) below the base of the bulb.
  • Place the bulb in the neck of the jar with the root part facing downwards.
  • Keep in a cool/dark place for approximately 10 weeks. Top up the water when needed always keeping the level of the water close to the base of the bulb.
  • When the shoots are about 2 inches long & the root system extends to the bottom of the jar, place the jar to an area which is low in light & slightly warmer in temperature. Over the next 3 to 4 days gradually move your jars to a sunny window.
  • When the flower stems appear keep them in a bright but in-direct sunlit area with temperatures of 15 degree celsius which will ensure the longest flowering. Turn the jar a little each day so that the flowers do not lean to one side as they reach for the sun.

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