The Malvern Autumn Show is 20 this year

The Malvern Autumn Show is 20 this year

The Malvern Autumn Show is 20 this year and it's bigger and better than ever – especially the giant vegetables!

The UK National Giant Vegetable Championship is held at the show each year and this year's display promises to be another record-breaker.

Last year saw the UK's biggest cabbage at 124.8 lbs, grown by David Thomas from Cornwall, and the world's longest beetroot at 6.67m (21.89ft) produced by Malvern regular Joe Atherton – also holder of the world record for longest carrot after growing one 5.83m long.

Other regulars to look out for include Peter Glazebrook, famous for his colossal cauliflowers – the biggest a whopping 60lbs and six feet across – and enormous onions weighing 8.16kg, roughly the same as a Canada goose.

If you want to have a go at growing your own giant veg, start with a trip to our garden centre here in Chorley where you'll find everything you need to get started. Pick out seed which are bred for super-sized vegetables, like 'Atlantic Giant' pumpkins, 'Mammoth Zeppelin' cucumbers and 'Kelsae' onions. Then stock up on plenty of fertiliser, good-quality compost and lots of pest protection – and get growing!

The Malvern Autumn show runs from 26th-27th September: for more details visit