Ways to water your garden

Ways to water your garden
It’s hot, hot, hot, so remember to water, water, water to prevent your plants from wilting in the summer heat, they need plenty of water.
The best time to water your plants is early or late in the day when the sun has moved off your garden. Watering in direct sun will quickly evaporate moisture and little will soak into the soil & it can also scorch watered leaves. Wet leaves also can become diseased leaves such as leaf mould. Remember even if we get a really rainy day you may still have to water your plants in containers and even the ones growing in the ground as the plant leaves can act as a canopy to the soil & prevent water from reaching the roots.
Ways to water your garden:
The good old watering can: The obvious choice for many, but be sure to have the spray head on. This will stop the soil being washed away and damaging the roots of your plants. Aim the water at the base of the plant beneath the foliage when watering to also stop leaf scorch.
Sprinklers: Best used early evening or late morning because more of the water will be absorbed and there’s less risk of leaves scorching. 
Watering pipes or cones: You can easily make your own by cutting the bottom out of plastic juice bottles, or use some of the Creative products Aqua save watering cones (£5.99 per pack) of Either way you’ll have something that delivers the water to the roots, not the surface.
Automatic Watering Systems: If you’re on holiday, or just not around to do the watering, an automated watering system can be a real lifesaver for your garden. You can programme the timer so that your plants are watered when planned, and because automatic drip systems uses at lot less water than hand-held watering, they help conserve precious water. They deliver water direct to the roots where it is needed.  A properly installed drip irrigation system on a timer really does make a difference and plants can positively flourish.  With new plantings its best to remember still that it’s important that plants may still need extra watering by hand whilst they are establishing particularly in hot, dry and windy weather.
If you need any more watering advice ask in store.
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