Create a Bohemian indoor style

Create a Bohemian indoor style

Create an indoor Bohemian style to give your interiors a lovely new look and feel. Boho chic is super stylish and very easy to achieve with the right plants and accessories. This kind of interior can be so relaxing if you get it right and its all about being creative, artistic and unconventional, so let your personality take over! Have a read of the below ideas and you will soon be lounging in your very own bohemian space with very little effort.

  • Use free and flowing fabrics
  • Bookshelves and knick-knacks
  • Tables and pots
  • Vertical space
  • Check out the crochet


Use free and flowing fabrics

Think light, free materials and link that up with plants to be on track for that artistic boho look. Drape colourful, patterned throws over your bed, sofas and chairs then place plants such as

Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant), Sansevieria (Mother in Laws Tongue) and Adiantum (Maidenhair Fern) to the room. The mix of plants and fabrics will instantly give the look you are trying to create.  


Bookshelves and Knick-knacks

Adding different coloured plant pots amongst household ornaments in-between plants, all randomly placed creates a perfect bohemian indoor style. So grab your favourite books in no particular order and add in some succulents, cacti and a few trailing plants like Epipremnum aureum (Golden Pothos) and Senecio rowleyanus (Sting of Beads). Why not include terrariums and moss balls as well.


Tables and Pots

If you need somewhere to put your coffee cup, make the table big enough for a plant pot! All space counts when creating that indoor bohemian style and by placing different height and size tables with lots of different coloured pots and plants on, is a great way to maximise space. Try using wooden plant stands with metal tables and mix with different height plants and a range of colourful plant pots.


Vertical space

All that space above your head and up the walls is perfect for plants. Use string to hang air plants, make your own Kokedama and use lots of moss. It’s a whole new experience to have plants hanging above and can really add to the boho chic styling on an interior. The space is yours so use as little as you can or fill the whole ceiling with plants for that bohemian indoor feel!


Check out the crochet

String and crochet are perfect for a bohemian theme. Why not try making a crochet plant hanger yourself? Classic white or cream is particularly suitable but why not go for something really colourful to hang your plants in. Crochet plant hangers work very well with long trailing plants such as Senecio rowleyanus (String of Pearls) and Ceropegia Woodii (String of Hearts). Come to visit us and see what you can find for your new bohemian home! 

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