Houseplant of the month: Kentia Palm

An explosion of fresh green leafThe Kentia Palm, otherwise referred to as ‘an explosion of fresh green leaf’, is exactly what you need inside the house this time of year! Besides its exotic look, the Kentia Palm brings you energy as well as that it doesn’t need much of your attention.


Origin of the Kentia Palm

The roots of the Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana) can be found in on the Australian Lord Howe Island, located between Australia and New Zealand. The first Kentia Palm seeds were taken to England in 1870 after which it soon became a popular houseplant.


Why the Kentia Palm is an ideal houseplant

The Kentia Palm mainly became popular as its an easy plant to look after whilst providing its owners with purified air and extra oxygen. Also, it is not a quick grower and because of its slim shape, it easily fits into the house. Whilst it prefers a light spot, the Kentia Palm also does really well on darker spots. It doesn’t need much watering either. That being said, this plant is not only great for the family living room but would also make up for an excellent student houseplant! It’s also not a toxic plant and therefore great to have around pets and children.


Looking after the Kentia Palm

All of the above in exchange for only minimum care requirements:  

  • Make sure its location is free of draughts;
  • It needs water only once a week. In summer, it will require a bit more than in winter;
  • It could use some plant food during spring and summer;
  • Provide the palm with new soil every 2 years and give it a larger pot size if necessary. 
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