5 x great ideas for Father's Day

Father’s day is a day of special celebration. All Fathers around the UK are told to put their feet up and enjoy being treated. From breakfast in bed to a lazy day on the sofa or perhaps a delicious lunch out with family. We have some great gift ideas so you can let your Father know he is a special person and loved lots.


1. Gardening goods for Father’s Day

If your Father is a keen gardener then you have so many choices to help keep him digging in the garden or on the allotment. From hand tools such as a sturdy new hand trowel and fork set to large tools like a strong spade and garden fork, you can pick one that suits him with ease. Don’t forget, all gardeners tend to go through a lot of gardening gloves! So new gloves are always a great buy. Once you’ve decided on tools and gloves why not include a special plant just for him. A rose can be a lovely gift or perhaps a gorgeous Clematis to grow up the side of your Fathers shed.


2. Some relaxing ideas for Father’s Day

After a hard day at work or in the garden, everyone needs to relax and soothe aching muscles and that means your Father as well! Why not indulge your Father with something to relax his body and mind. There are many different body salts, bath bombs and bubbles available plus why not throw in an invigorating candle for ultimate relaxation. Afterwards, your Father may appreciate a cool bottle of wine or a few beers!


3. Food for Father’s Day

Who doesn't like to open up a box of foodie presents on Father’s Day? From chocolate to cheese and everything in-between, you could make up your own hamper with all of your Fathers favourite foods. Add in some biscuits and even vegetables to the hamper and make a really stunning display as well. You could pop your card in as well.

4. Father’s Day gifts with the personalised touch

Everyone loves to open up a present with their name on! So go one further than buying or creating a present with a T-Shirt, mug, notebook or any item that your Father might like and personalise it! Doesn't just mean a name but any personalised message you would like to say so your Father knows how special he is.


5. A planted pot of perennials for Father’s Day

Why not get your hands dirty and give your Father a treat that will last years to come. Pick a nice pot and plant up some pretty perennials and you could even add in a cheeky Gnome for fun. A pot full of loveliness, for your Father to look at and be reminded of you.


We have plenty in store for you to pick the perfect Father’s Day gift for that special man in your life.

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