Upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

Upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

Make an upcycled tyre hanging flower planter with ease and make it into something extraordinary for your garden. Upcycling has so many benefits from reducing waste and landfill to being able to add a stamp of your own personality in your garden or on your allotment. Various things can be done to add colour and of course your favourite plants, so here are tips to help you make the most of your old tires.

Making your upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

Old tyres tend to get thrown on landfill and unfortunately often seen just laying by the side of the road. You could go to a junkyard and find your perfect tyre or use your own old tyres or of course, ask a friend. There are many ways to find them, even at the local garage, so you won’t need to go far.

Pick the paint for your upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

When you have got your tyre, it is time to decide what colour you would like it to be. Would you like the rustic feel and leave it as you have found it or prefer something really bright and colourful such as a bright blue or pink? Why not paint patterns or even flowers and get the whole family involved. If you know what you are planting in the tyre, you could also paint the plant names on so you don’t forget what you’ve planted.

How to hang your upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

  • Tyres are massive so firstly make sure you have something very sturdy to hang it from, plus the tyre will have soil and plants in.
  • A chain is a great way to hang it from a stable branch and will hold the tyre well.
  • If you would prefer to use rope, make sure it is durable and sturdy enough to do the job. Just loop it around and tie it up.

Planting your upcycled tyre hanging flower planter

To ensure there is drainage you can either drill some holes in the bottom of the tyre or place some shingles/pebbles in before adding in a perfect potting mix. It is essential to make sure there is good drainage, or your plants won’t thrive so well. Once this is all ready, it’s time to plant your favourite flowers. Why not try some pretty Pansies that can be swapped out for Cyclamen over the winter.

Upcycled tyre hanging flower planter accessories

Add a real touch of fun by placing in something that will make you smile. Why now add a Gnome in or a fairy or perhaps even a little art feature. The options are endless, so have some fun.

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