Allergies caused by pets

Allergies caused by pets

Helping allergies caused by pets is imperative if you love your furry friends but can’t get too close because of allergies. There are a few options to ensure you can cuddle your favourite pets without sneezing, sniffing or breaking out in a rash, so don’t give up hope until you’ve tried some of these ideas. It is essential to get allergies to pets under control when needed so you can visit family and friends who have pets or even have some pets of your own. If you also suffer from hay fever, these approaches could also help.

Anti-allergy tablets for allergies caused by pets 

One of the quickest ways to get an allergy under control is by taking anti-allergy tablets, nose sprays and eye drops. There are many available, so you will need to find the ones that work for you and follow the instructions for dosage. They can also help with hay fever and other allergies, so if you are prone to any of these, this is a good option. However, you might not want to take them every day forever, so it is always best to see your doctor first to discuss what will be best for you. There are other longer-term options, such as injections and steroids. 

Cleaning and dusting can help allergies caused by pets 

Keeping your home clean and well dusted can help to control allergies. Dander from pets is microscopic flakes of skin and proteins from saliva which gets the allergy going. It can be tough to keep on top of but clean fabrics, carpets and polishing surfaces can help. Also, keep your pets bedding area washed and cleaned as well. This approach, along with antihistamines, will go towards seeing an improvement. 

Allergies caused by pets can be limited if you chose your pet wisely

If you are looking for a pet because you love animals and want an addition to your family, check out pets that don’t cause allergies. Gerbils, Hamsters and Mice while still furry are considerably smaller than a Dog or Cat and therefore less likely to cause severe allergies. Also consider Fish, Birds and even dogs and cats that are known to cause fewer allergies such as Bichon Frise, Poodle and the Sphynx cat.

Choose anti-allergy bedding for allergies caused by pets 

Why not make sure that all of your bedding, throws and cushions are also anti-allergy. Many people who have allergies to pets are also allergic to other things, including dust from fabrics in the home. Anti-allergy bedding, pillows and other soft furnishings can help to control how you feel as no one wants to be sneezing all of the time. Hopefully, these ideas will help you enjoy yours and your family and friends pets. 

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